We do NOT collect your name, phone number or email unless you provide that information through the use of a Contact or similar form on our site, and only once you submit it to us through the use of the Submit (form information) option.

We do NOT and will NEVER sell any information about users/visitors to this website to anyone, including a third-party. We do not sell, rent, or disclose personally identifiable information provided by you in a contact form, unless required by law.

For internal performance purposes, we collect and store Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, domain names, location of IP, or visitor internet service provider. We track traffic to our site including pages visited, how long a visitor spent reading a page, which pages were visited, how many visits were made to the site in general and similar data. Information about how our site was found, search terms used and referring sites are collected.

We do not place cookies on your computer.

Be an informed consumer: Data may be collected by third parties through the use of “Extensions” on Google or other service. We are not affiliated with Extensions but we encourage you to become educated about Extensions or Cookies and if you have enabled a third party to collect information about your online behavior including to our website.

We may update this Privacy Policy and will post changes on this Privacy Policy page.

This Privacy Policy reflects our business, which is conducted in the United States. It is not European Union General Data Protection Regulation-compliant.

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